Dublin’s Stonewall Moment


Last night.

Dublin LGBTQ Pride tweeted:

On this day in 1983 the killers of Declan Flynn walked free. Eleven days later the first large-scale protest against LGBT+ discrimination in Ireland took place. Hundreds of people marched from Liberty Hall to Fairview Park. Dublin’s Stonewall moment, it led to the first Dublin Pride Parade in June [1983]..

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10 thoughts on “Dublin’s Stonewall Moment

  1. Jdawgs

    Question; was there ever a retrial? Just curious to know if those losers got off and never had to do any time.

    1. Rob_G

      One definitely came before courts again for domestic violence AFAIR – locked up that time.

      Edit – it was for raping a pregnant woman. Some piece of work he was…

      1. Jdawgs

        Wow. Queer bashing with the lads then raping women. What total degenerates. Hopefully if some didn’t go to prison their lives would of been pretty much pathetic anyway. Thanks

    2. pedeyw

      I don’t know how you’d have a retrial. They were convicted of manslaughter, they just didn’t serve prison sentences for it.

      1. dav

        well said, I hadn’t a clue about it and I must confess that I don’t recall it being in (the usually excellent) “Reeling in the Years”

  2. V

    Since providing character references has been mentioned about here lately
    Anyone of a mind to check if any character references for the 5 people charged and tried were entered?

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