Sure Where Would You Get It?



Philip O’Reilly tweetz:

Sometimes we take for granted what’s on our own doorstep. People travel from all over the world to experience what we blindly walk past every day. Cobh is astonishing especially on an afternoon like this. Savour it, be proud of it, promote it.

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8 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. Harry M

    Drove through Cobh having never really heard a lot about it, so was very pleasantly surprised when i saw how lovely it was.

  2. V

    worked in Cobh for a while there in the 80s

    Hated the job but loved the commute up and down, and the nights out down there, and the locals were the real deal, pure Cobh Islanders like
    And a very active cell in place there

    One of the first UDC’s to try and implement water charges, and cut people off
    but overnight the bhoys would have been out and reconnecting households.
    And leaving the paths in a heap for the Council to fix
    Not really for malice but to keep a reminder with the local Town Clerk who hated Cobh himself

    there’s actually some great stories about him turning up on a Sunday to ref a ‘Ramblers match and locals giving him a hard time with his other job

    It still is a lovely place, and if ye ever have a mind, go straight up to ‘Toppah’
    and start to walk your way down and around the town from there


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