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This afternoon.

Cobh, County Cork.

Filmmaker Vic Barry chronicles Ophelia as she lashes his hometown.

In fairness.

Vic Barry


Ben writes:

A timelapse of Hurricane Ophelia from my apartment in Dublin.


All day.

Rashers Tierney writes:

Looking from Slieve Mór towards Keel on Achill Island, this is twelve hours of Hurricane Ophelia, condensed into a minute of mesmerising and salty cloud movement.

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Russell Heights, Cobh, Co Cork.

American photographer Doug DuBois spent his summers in Cobh County, Cork on the southeast coast of Ireland where he serves as artist-in-residence at the Sirius Arts Center. Over the past four years, DuBois has documented the lives of some of Ireland’s teenagers, coming of age.
“I think I set the record for the longest running artist-in-residence,” DuBois told TIME, describing a project which began in 2009 and resulted in My Last Day at Seventeen.
“The photographs here look at the bravado and adventure of childhood with an eye towards its fragility and inevitable loss,” DuBois wrote about the project.


More images here: Lightbox: The Lingering Light Of Childhood (TIime)

Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co Cork

Doug DuBois