Ain’t No Party


Like a Covideo Party.

Steve Neville, on Breakingnews, reports:

Alison Spittle’s #CovideoParty has seen people come together on Twitter to watch films as an online community while following advice from health officials.

So far, the online group has watched films such as Clueless and Matilda and tonight, they plan to watch Jumanji, starring Robin Williams.

Alison told us the idea “came about through feeling cut off and sheer boredom”.

In fairness.

#CovideoParty: Irish comedian starts trend to help people watch films together online (Alison Spittle, Breakingnews)

Alison Spittle

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23 thoughts on “Ain’t No Party

  1. Dhaughton99

    Aren’t we already suffering enough without having Alison Spittle back in our thoughts.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I have no idea who Alison Spittle is, but if I had wanted to enter, they should have told me before I took my shower. I could easily have done Alan’s return to the real world at 9 am this morning.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I’d love a thread on people’s work from home uniforms,
      Himself looks like a demented Smurf,
      I’m in my silk kimono, topped with hiking socks

      1. V


        I’m still suited and booted

        With the lycra foundation wear now past their max hours in one shift and are demanding a break

      2. Lush

        Look at you and your silk kimono.
        I’m in skanky pyjamas and hiking socks.
        There’s rhubarb crumble bubbling gently in the oven.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            plus all the rhubarb, now served with custard sauce or pouring cream ?
            I made a date loaf, it’s getting custard

          2. Paulus

            Ah here, I saw elsewhere that you blitzed the house as well. You were some catch. Now if you’d had road frontage as well….

      3. Slightly Bemused

        When I work from home I have to dress as I do for a normal day. Otherwise my innate laziness takes over, and I start to lose focus on what I am supposed to be doing.

        On other days, I just wear an Aldi-bought Irish Rugby Team track top and sweats. I own two, so casual visitors often thing that I never change. This coupled with my ability to do a creditable Fr Jack impression first thing in the morning does not help :)

        Hence the need to dress for work as if I am going to work, regardless of where that is.

        An yes, in case you are wondering, I live alone :-D

  3. V

    Not wanting to sound unkind
    Or overtly oblivious to the Irish Celebrity Personality scene

    But is Spittle a stage name?

      1. V

        Some lad chose Rotten one time
        And another Humperdinck

        Just saying

        I’ve never seen Spittle before
        Not on a match programme anyway

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          She was born in the UK but I think they’re Irish. I’m not sure, though.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            I’ve met her in a professional capacity a few times and she seemed very nice. No airs and graces about her at all.

          2. shortforbob

            She was born in the UK, raised in Westmeath. She probably still mentions it in her routine.

            She performed at the Saint Patrick’s Day show in aid of Comic Relief at the 3Arena a few years back (2017 I think, had seen the name but not heard her perform before then) and I found her performance and delivery very impressive but unfortunately a lot of her material was as tired and parochial as most Irish comedians. (Very few have the incisive wit of Tommy Teirnan.) Lots of potential for sure. Haven’t checked out her tv show or more recent work, she could have gotten better material since then.

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