Nan’s Gone To Iceland [Updated]



In fairness.


This morning.

Paul Doherty tweetz:

Iceland Foods at Kennedy Centre, West Belfast will be opening their store between 8-9am for the elderly starting this Tuesday.

The wider public are asked to respect this hour as it has been allocated for elderly people only. Would be great to see other stores now do the same.


Last night, Supermac’s announced via Twitter (above) that it would provide free meals to members of the emergency services.

Via Supermac’s

3 thoughts on “Nan’s Gone To Iceland [Updated]

  1. some old queen

    Also, nice gesture from Camile Thai who refused to accept payment from staff at the Mater hospital for their take away order yesterday.

  2. jockey

    “We may not be able to actively monitor this at all times as our store teams are required on checkouts and restocking shelves”

    Yeah because your employees are worked to the flipping bone and don’t get one moment to relax on the floor. Must be horrible to work there, treated like machinery.

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