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Like a Covideo Party.

Steve Neville, on Breakingnews, reports:

Alison Spittle’s #CovideoParty has seen people come together on Twitter to watch films as an online community while following advice from health officials.

So far, the online group has watched films such as Clueless and Matilda and tonight, they plan to watch Jumanji, starring Robin Williams.

Alison told us the idea “came about through feeling cut off and sheer boredom”.

In fairness.

#CovideoParty: Irish comedian starts trend to help people watch films together online (Alison Spittle, Breakingnews)

Alison Spittle


Alison Spittle


Alan Bennett writes:

[very funny person] Alison Spittle has launched her own chat show podcast. It is now live on The HeadStuff Podcast Network on HeadStuff.org.

It’s called (drumroll… ) The Alison Spittle Show.

The first audio podcast episode has Kevin McGahern (host of Republic of Telly). We talk about being children, terrorism and Daniel O’Donnell removing a bun from Kevin’s jeans.

If you want to see it live, you’re in luck because TOMORROW Friday there’s a live recording on the Workman’s Club [Wellington Quay, Dublin 2,

The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 1 (Headstuff.org)

Alison Spittle