Sebastian Stephenson writes:

 I made an infographic with this source to see how the virus has grown in Ireland so far. I plan to update it as new case are confirmed. It plots how fast the cases have grown and how many are new.

Confirmed Cases Of Covid19 In The Republic of ireland (Sebastian Stephenson, Visme)


13 thoughts on “Curveona

  1. Optimus Grime

    Am I the only one thinking that we are not handling this too badly and that the end might well be in sight by end of April?

    1. Eoineyo

      I think we are so far so good, but they are still behind in testing that will increase from today onwards also I am waiting on a spike in numbers from Cheltenham.
      Many people have taken heed of what is going on Italy and most are aware of the condition of health service. Let’s hope Leo and Co’s running of the health system doesn’t cost us now when we need it the most.

      1. some old queen

        More testing means an even higher spike because more will return positive but- we all know that in the long run, the more tested the better.

        There is an interesting similar graph done today which compares Italy against Ireland with Italy slided two weeks backwards but even that does not give the full story as the % tested in Ireland right now is higher than Italy then.

        To confuse matters even further- there is claims that the tests are also returning false positives although, that is better than false negatives.

  2. Eoineyo

    Should the number of cases not include those that are now cured and be subtracted from the total number or have third line with current cases?

      1. Eoineyo

        Im not knocking the graphs (graphs are great), but as time goes on there will be more recoveries and current cases will become more relevant as total will rise regardless.
        On a lighter note, assuming and hoping these 5 people have recovered without complications or lasting damage to their health, it must suck to be them not a pub open and nothing to do, maybe they could become superheroes.

  3. diddy

    I think we’re all headed for a massive apocolyptic shattering ANTICLIMAX. 10,000 people get a three day flu and the odd person does from it. hope I’m right

  4. dylad

    I think it is really going to take off now, – easily communicable diseases with low fatality rates generally exhibit exponential growth, (doubling every 3 days), and secondly there is now a lot more testing. Enjoy!

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