21 thoughts on “Don’t Believe A Word

    1. paul

      More useful if you do have it to prevent it spreading further. If I see someone with a mask in public, for my own safety and my families safety, I have to assume that they are infected and I give them a wide berth.

      1. Clampers Outside

        That has been my view too. And how that view has come about is discussed in the NYT piece – pay wall is down but will require logging in

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          I wear a mask in public. I don’t have – to the best of my knowledge- C19. I wear it as a form of social decorum for fear I may be carrying and may spread. I’m rarely out however. A quick pop to the shops for the basics and that’s it. I’m lucky that I have some. If folks had easier access to them I reckon everyone would be wearing them.

          1. Clampers Outside


            I think the point of the NYT piece is about the communications made by WHO about masks and their effectiveness, and it is understood now that that communication was made to limit the general public from buying up all the stock.
            My brother works in a hospital here in Ireland and he said that that is exactly what the conversation has been among staff in the hospital he is in – the WHO was fibbing, or at least stretching the truth, rather than just being upfront with their reasoning.
            That should’ve been the communication from WHO, that there is limited stock and they should be used for frontline staff first, and not that they are I effective, which is untrue.

            The WHO communication also emphasised that masks are really only effective in slowing spread from those already effected and this hasead many, including myself, to view those wearing masks with extra caution.
            This is clearly the unintended result of the bad communication practice by the WHO, and would not be the case if they were clearer and transparent in their communication rather than fudging the info. It’s disappointing, and can, as per the article, lead to damaging trust in communications.

      2. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

        I get the impression that in many Asian countries, there is an expectation that you wear a mask outside. If you don’t, you would be considered uncaring about others, regardless of whether you have any infection.

  1. Pip

    DBAW. The best, shortest, Lizzy song. With the absolute best Robbo solo. And the best crunchy ending too.

      1. Pip

        That’s interesting, Scottser, given that it’s from the past-their-peak period, pretty much.
        Downey a much underrated sticksman. And never did session work, or played for anyone else either.
        Dalymount summer 77 was the tipping point. For all of us.

        1. Pip

          DBAW, Warriors, Emerald, Still in Love with you (for the solo, the work of the late Gary yerman) Black Boys on the Corner (B side of Whiskey).

      1. Pip

        That’s also interesting, Bertie, in that it’s from the pre-peak era.
        Their precarious peak was astonishing, though. Robbo!

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I was sadly older than I liked when I found this gem of an album. Growing up in a household where the main radio was permanently on RTE (or Radio Eireann, as my father still calls it) and older brothers who would not let you listen but wore headphones, I only found this when finally I got to college. A local band was playing the songs, and I had never heard them before.

      One thing I really missed about the move to CD was the loss of album cover art, and the cover of this has to stand out as one of the most incredible works of art in its own right.

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