Soap – The Virus Annihilator


Why all this hoo-hah about soap and water? Surely we’re better off with that hand sanitiser we managed to wrestle out of the hands of some old lady before Tesco ran out? Nope.

20 seconds with even  the cheapest, nastiest soap spells dissolution and doom for COVID-19, as this usefully kid-friendly video from Vox explains.


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7 thoughts on “Soap – The Virus Annihilator

  1. Slightly Bemused

    A long time ago I was given training in washing hands properly. They did something very similar – a lotion and UV light – which was very educational.
    I recall also, though I do not remember the series, that Liz Bonnin was on a show, and demonstrated just how dangerous washing chicken was. Similarly they coated a chicken in a safe fluorescent coating. Then it was washed in the sink, and the person then washed her hands after. When put under the UV light you could see that it had splashed all over the surfaces, and even some food beside the sink, and even the hands were not fully clean.

    Kind of drives it home.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        That is more or less the message these days – cooking chicken properly kills all the bacteria so no need to wash, but definitely do wash your hands properly after handing raw chicken (or any meat)

    1. Rob_G

      I remember learning about people washing chickens, and thinking: “what type of eejit would think that is a good idea..”

  2. Matt Pilates

    Does Coronavirus Street count amongst the soaps?

    On a related point, have any of the TV soaps reflected the current situation re COVID-19 or is it too early because a lot of them as filmed in advance>?

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