‘An Act Of God’




GMS Pension Scheme?

Pic: Fergal Bowers


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13 thoughts on “‘An Act Of God’

  1. b

    seems fair – its just excluding a special bonus that would bankrupt the fund for everyone if it was needed for a huge spike in untimely deaths

    if you die early of COVID you’d get your usual benefit without the bonus – that’s better than living on to a healthy age and not having any pension fund as it was cleaned out in the crisis

  2. V

    Prove it was an act of god so

    Just get god to appear at an IMO hearing

    Dying to know what kind of accent this god has

  3. GiggidyGoo

    That’s the least of the worries though. Pension funds are being decimated as we speak.

  4. Declan

    I’m hse front line staff I think it’s unfair that same unfairness to decide which one of you key board cowards gets treated first or at all.

  5. darren

    jokers make jokes when they come into contact with well intentioned appeals to their humanity. its all over the news.

    a member of the armed forces and a worker in the health service only hope that such responses simply point to the reality of challenging conditions, albeit in a different and less active way.

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