For Your Consideration



A 12-minute Irish short film written by Gerard Faherty, who writes:

“I’m a filmmaker, writer and actor. I’ve just decided to put a short film online. My idea pre-coronavirus was to make another four and put them up online together as a web series. It works by itself though. It’s heavily inspired by Curb your Enthusiasm. If you like that, you might like this.”

Gerard Faherty

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18 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. V

    you know
    there is definitely an age bracket when lads should avoid zippies/ hoodies

    and that’s 22 to Dad coaching the under 11’s age

    1. scottser

      the hoodie is the single most useful piece of clothing ever invented. is the highest evolution of couture. i would even venture the reason why we shed body hair as a species was in order to invent the hoodie.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I’ve noticed that my botty cheeks have started to get a small bit hairy

        I’m not hugely pleased about it

        according to your theory, this may be down to tendency to go commando ?

        1. scottser

          i keep all kinds of useful things in my hoodie pockets, you know for when the zombie apocolypse kicks in. you’d fecked in a suit is all i’m saying.

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