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  1. dav

    ““They mocked their customers as if they were already doomed …” says the front page of the German tabloid Bild this morning as it covers the controversy that has arisen out of the publication of The Anglo Tapes.

    The Irish Independent’s revelations in recent days have made news around the world and today the German newspapers go big on the scandal with Bild including the story on its front page:

    The headline, at the bottom of the paper’s front, reads: “Broke Irish bankers mock German customers” and notes that Anglo executives sang “Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles” – an old, Nazi-era verse in the German national anthem.”

  2. Cian

    I told you.
    8 February 2020 – Sinn Fein get the most first preference votes.
    26th March 2020 – ESRI says Ireland is heading to a recession.

    #thanks blackbalaclavas

        1. V

          Ok, but only if they repeat Boris’s deal for the self employed here

          What are the chances Cian
          Have a word g’wan

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