Meanwhile, In Rathmines [Updated]


This afternoon.

Richmond Hill, Dublin 6.

As long as you don’t look at it you should be fine.



Mural on Richmond Hill, Rathmines, Dublin 6


At Richmond Hill in Rathmines, Dublin 6.

A new coronavirus mural was unveiled by artistic collective Subset Dublin.

Via Subset Dublin

Coronavirus: The Virus Era (Subset Dublin)

Previously: Subset on Broadsheet

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14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Rathmines [Updated]

      1. Dr.Fart

        with some of the things i’ve seen the last few days I’ll be throwing a bucket a paint over this mural when i get a chance.

        1. Liam Deliverance

          Is it not a new and effective reminder to all that see it of the power and destruction that it brings, to not let your guard down, wash the hands, isolate, respect the virus and don’t be a victim.

  1. jamesjoist

    I love these colourful city murals, unfortunately a lot of less talented yahoos always seem to have the need to scrawl their own tag over them

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