A Single Fox Was Given



Last night.

Temple Bar Pub, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Hannon Media writes:

This party animal is the only one left in Temple Bar. The wily fox …

Beats the alternative, in fairness.

Tempe Bar Pub Webcam

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14 thoughts on “A Single Fox Was Given

  1. V

    I reckon they’re missing us
    We’ve seen footage and pics etc of all sorts of animals wandering around empty steets over the last few weeks
    Madrid, Nara

    Would love to know if Zoos and Wildlife Parks have noticed if the animals are behaving different

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I’d say they are delighted we have fupped off hoping the peace and quiet will last

      1. some old queen

        City foxes live mainly off human rubbish- they’d be hungry now in certain places.

          1. Praetorian.

            My local lad eats chinese,Indian,Pizza,Stew…whatever the fupp is left over…mills anything left out for him.

        1. Cú Chulainn

          I’m leaving a little food out for the lovely foxes that live nearby these days. They have been out to see me a lot lately so I reason the supplies from the pubs and restaurants nearby have dried up..

          1. Some old queen

            Well if you seen the carnage they can cause in a chicken coop you probably wouldn’t think so lovely but- that is natures way. Still, you are doing the right thing because a lot of urban foxes have no idea how to hunt, they never needed to.

            There is a lovely little children’s book on the subject btw. It’s called Rak: The Story of an Urban Fox by Jonathan Guy.

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