Don’t Let It Go To Your Head


Oh dear.

More as they get it.

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Alan Kelly on Broadsheet




This morning [Saturday].

The UK Labour Party has also a new leader.

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22 thoughts on “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

  1. Amy

    That’s the end of the Labour Party. People have not forgotten Kelly’s support of water charges.

    1. gerty

      He looks like a guy who wants the job so much he can taste it
      It reminds me of those so intent to join all that wanted the Celtic tiger
      Plenty of them in the documentary burnt by the sum

  2. Frank

    in the great pantheon of ‘who cares?’. the labour leadership… ahem ‘race’ of 2020 will be held aloft to all, agog with indifference

  3. perricrisptayto

    It must be worth a lot to him, leaders allowance, extra expenses etc.

    He’s back baby.

    By the look on his face in that photo it looks like he’s already logged on.

  4. Andrew

    If it is Alan Kelly to win, they’ve made the right choice. O’Riordan would have brought them down the road of identity politics and paternalism, further distancing themselves from ordinary working people.

    1. diddy

      correct. o riordhan is an apostle of everything that that majority of people privately don’t agree with modern politics

      1. millie aka oprah

        Oooh yeah baby.

        I replied to your post on Nick’s voucher post but it hasn’t appeared. Thought I was on the naughty step again.

  5. V

    Over Crayon
    Any day of the week
    And again at the weekend

    AK was outstanding in the Dáil and pretty much led the opposition to open up Francie Fitz and the girls along with their carry-on stitching up Maurice McCabe

  6. Fergus the magic postman

    They may as well put Burton back in charge, as put this guy behind the wheel. Both are responsible for Labours jump to the right, and essentially the ruination of the party.
    “Power is like a drug, and it suits me”. That was that helmet badger wasn’t it?

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