“The Claret Jug Is Gonna Be In Safe Hands For Another Year”


This afternoon.

Golfer Shane Lowry reacts to news that this year’s British Open Championship has been cancelled.

The 149th Open cancelled for this year and will return to Sandwich in 2021 (Sky News)

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24 thoughts on ““The Claret Jug Is Gonna Be In Safe Hands For Another Year”

    1. Harry

      Sorry to call you out in front of everyone but you’re actually wrong Amy.
      Final day major playoffs are incredibly exciting and involve a full day’s eating and drinking.

      1. Pat O'Kelly

        Agree but somehow I missed Shane’s win. Just could not find it anywhere on BBC somehow or other
        In fairness not Shane’s fault but I think all the Majors are now behind a paywall

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      people who never have anything nice to say … boring, well extremely tiring

    3. A Person

      Again another leftie with nothing, and I mean nothing positive to say. Where is your party? Where is Mary Lou, Pierce, even Michelle O’Neill has effed off under a rock.

  1. V

    Is he growing his own face mask

    Cheezuz that beard is mank

    You’d think he’d go for something more like The Bomber’s one

      1. V

        That has nothing to do with his beard tho’

        Everyone who has ever togged out for Kerry looks like an extra from Deliverence
        They’re bred specifically like that

    1. Matt Pilates

      Instead of a suicide bomber look.

      Golf – along with horse racing – probably did a lot of damage spreading the virus amongst the most vulnerable types in society. Still, that’s 19 holes for you. Portmarnock me bum.

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