When Glove Breaks Down


This afternoon.

Fingal County Council tweetz:

Please be advised that surgical gloves are not recyclable. When visiting our recycling centres please take them home and dispose of them with your normal refuse.

Please do not put them in the recycling containers there or leave them on the ground for our staff to clear up.


In fairness.


9 thoughts on “When Glove Breaks Down

  1. Paul

    Dublin Fire Brigade have left them at scenes of accidents for decades. Common sight in Dublin left where they have been working at a scene.

  2. A Person

    I was in the supermarket at the weekend. Lots of trolleys had wipes or gloves left in them for the staff to clean up. Absolute scumbags. No manners, no guilt, sure let someone else take responsibility for me being an a whole. Community spirit my a##s. Its okay, its all about mobile phones.

  3. :-Joe

    Why do people thnik it’s fine to litter in public places at all…?

    The worst are those people who throw condoms away in public and sometimes they’re even used.
    It’s basic respect for each other… In not treating public places like it’s your own personal property..

    Now the problem is looking at least five times as bad…


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