Donnybrook Fair (1859) by Erskine Nicol (above right) and featuring Erskine Nicol (left)

Early Funderland.

The National Gallery of Ireland writes:

Artists often include themselves in their own works, and there’s another fine example of it in this painting of Donnybrook Fair (1859) by Erskine Nicol, which is on loan to the National Gallery of Ireland from the Tate.

Nicol is clearly identifiable in the throngs at the centre of his magnum opus, walking with his wife Janet & another finely-dressed couple. He included himself as a way of declaring his status as gentleman observer & to demonstrate his familiarity with this subject in particular.

Donnybrook Fair (Tate)

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4 thoughts on “D4 Head

  1. bisted

    …wait…isn’t that the spit of Dermot Desmond beside him…and JP… MO’Leary and one of the Healy Reas…1859…plus ca change…

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    It’s a fantastic and fantasical painting…. One of my favorites in the National Gallery. It’s a very large piece with incredible detail and myriad stories throughout…..

  3. Pat O'Kelly

    An amazing painting and one of many treasures in the National Gallery and free – well you can donate if you want
    If you have not been there yet put it near top of your list for when we can eventually go to town again

  4. bisted

    …I love these…especially Waldermar Janusceck who idendifies all the people in his chosen paintings…locally, I love HarryKernoff who painted everyone he knew…

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