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Donnybrook Fair (1859) by Erskine Nicol (above right) and featuring Erskine Nicol (left)

Early Funderland.

The National Gallery of Ireland writes:

Artists often include themselves in their own works, and there’s another fine example of it in this painting of Donnybrook Fair (1859) by Erskine Nicol, which is on loan to the National Gallery of Ireland from the Tate.

Nicol is clearly identifiable in the throngs at the centre of his magnum opus, walking with his wife Janet & another finely-dressed couple. He included himself as a way of declaring his status as gentleman observer & to demonstrate his familiarity with this subject in particular.

Donnybrook Fair (Tate)

From top: Sociologist and asylum seeker living in Ireland Evgeny Shtorn, from Russia; founder of the ‘Something From There’ Community Project

The National Gallery of Ireland writes:

The National Gallery in Dublin wishes to reach out to a wide range of people living in Direct Provision to explore your experiences of coming to and living in Ireland.

This artist-led project [conceived by Evgeny Shtorn] will take its lead from an object (or objects) that you brought here to Ireland with you, and the meaning that these objects might now have.

Participation in the project will include attendance at workshops in the gallery once a month between June and December 2019.

The gallery encourages people from all communities to apply, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community. There are a limited number of places available on this project.

The deadline to apply is May 22.

More details on the project and how to apply here

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You’re Cordially Invited

2014-12-07_iri_5231841_I2The Punch A Monet Game (top) and Single Sail Boat by Claude Monet in the National Gallery of Ireland following an attack by a gallery attendee.

Put a €10 million master on the canvas.

Alan Walsh writes:

One shot browser game where you get to punch a Monet just like that guy in the National Gallery…

Start punching here

Damage+Claude+Monet+cx190347338 90347339-1

A restored Monet painting back on display at the National Gallery of Ireland today following conservation after being damaged while on display in 2012 (top).

Middle pic, from left: Jean-Jacques Goran [Managing Director BNP Paribas Foundation] and Monet Paintings Conservation Fellow, Pearl O’Sullivan and ‘Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat’ by Claude Monet.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall ireland)