Dear Mr Reid…


CEO of the HSE Paul Reid, letter from Digital Rights Ireland to the HSE


Further to a report in the Business Post by Susan Mitchell and Aaron Rogan on March 29 last that the HSE will be rolling out an opt-in “mobile phone tracking and tracing app” that will allow people to be notified if they were in close proximity to people who tested positive for Covid-19…

Digital Rights Ireland has written to the head of the HSE Paul Reid (above) asking to discuss the HSE’s plans for this app “and other digital initiatives” over a videoconference call.

It’s been previously reported that the HSE has been in contact with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner about the track and trace app.

However, details of the app are not clear in terms of what information will be used, how and where this information will be stored and with whom it will be shared. It’s also not clear if the roll-out of the app will be subject to a time limit.

In its letter, Digital Rights Ireland, who successfully argued in the European Court of Justice in 2014 that laws requiring ISPs and mobile phone companies to log details of a phone user’s location, their texts, emails, internet use, and to store that information for up to two years, was a breach of privacy,  also asked for Mr Reid to provide it with the app’s Data Protection Impact Assessment.

It’s also not clear if such an assessment has been carried out.

Meanwhile, last night…

Phone tracking app set to be used as next step to fight Covid-19 (Susan Mitchell, Aaron Rogan, Business Post)

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6 thoughts on “Dear Mr Reid…

  1. Baz

    Castlebridge vested interest mouthing off about GDPR processes again.
    This is a pandemic, a public health emergency and they want to whine as if its 2019?
    Get off the stage or prepare to be steam rolled fools.

    1. scottser

      nothing like a good pandemic to steamroller everyone’s rights, eh baz?
      so is this thing time limited? how long to they get to keep the data for and what happens to it after the pandemic ends?

  2. Matt Pilates

    Tech rapidly has become the most toxic activity employing the least popular people in Ireland.

    Full of it.

    FO DRI.

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