For Your Consideration


When The Butcher Stopped Ordering Meat.

A just-uploaded, award-winning short documentary by filmmaker Laura Gaynor.

Laura writes:

Michael Quirke holds a PhD in Philosophy and is carving mythology for 50 years. His father was a butcher – as was his grandfather – and so was Michael, til one day, he wasn’t.

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3 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Fergalito

    This guy is great and if you’re ever in Sligo well worth popping into his studio on Wine Street to hear him recount the local myths and legends. If you’ve ankle-biters in tow he’ll rustle up a nice little animal piece for them to take away. Off with you then to visit some of those local areas steeped in legend and named from the stories. Sligo is one of the most beautiful counties in Ireland, something of the hidden gem to roll out that much mishandled auld trope….

  2. Some old queen

    I have two close neighbours who are brothers. One 87 with two plastic hips and a knee and the other, 86, has for the most part a plastic stomach.

    This week- slurry was spread because how else would next year’s beef be fed?

  3. Gabby

    Michael Quirke the butcher doesn’t sell meat, and the bookmaker next door doesn’t sell books. Best of luck to Michael, who has welcomed visitors from all around the world and given them a wholesome impression of Sligo town.

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