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The City RemainsThe City Remains

Any Red House Painters fans in the house?

Then the new project by Liam Kirkpatrick and Paul McAllister should resonate with you.

Formerly of Kildare band Scale The Heights, the duo released their eponymous debut album last month on the new Project 2 label.

Songwriter Kirkpatrick conjures melody and melancholy beautifully, and the London-set video captures the mood.

Nick says: Here comes a City.

The City Remains

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2 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. SpecificGravity

    Absolutely love the Red House Painters so any invitation to comparison is setting the bar high.

    My issue with this effort – while not bad – is that it sent me straight back to the masterpiece that is Have You Forgotten?

    Utterly sublime pairing of lyrics and tone. Quite resonant for these times as well.

    So thanks for the heads up, but not quite for me.

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