Report Your Neighbour


Fine Gael TD and Minister of State for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform Patrick Donovan

This morning.

Donal O’Regan reports in the Limerick Leader

Minister Patrick O’Donovan said people flouting the HSE regulations need to “cop on”.

Whether that’s hanging around street corners, breaking the 2km rule, behaving inappropriately, having parties or whatever – these people are now breaking the law. They should be bright before the courts and held accountable,” said Minister O’Donovan.

He called on the community to “do their part and report people”.

“I know that might sound like a difficult thing to do but it is not. You need to ring the guards and you need to report them. Even if they are your neighbours you need to report them because the behaviour of some could cost the lives of others,” he said.

Ring gardai if your neighbour is flouting HSE guidelines – Limerick minister (Limerick Leader)



Odious snitch.


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25 thoughts on “Report Your Neighbour

  1. Clampers Outside

    A person in Sligo got 28 days prison for coughing in a Garda’s face earlier this week.

    And never has this phrase ever been more appropriate…

    “That’ll soften their cough”.

    1. A Person

      What is the matter with you. Are you one of those people who think lets just kill off some of the population. Sure there is no need for protective measures. A few less working class people would be good etc? But we can blame Fg /Ff anyway.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        It’s not confined to the working class though. Bojo, made that mistake with his herd immunity plan and now he’s reaping the whirlwind. Covid19 doesn’t discriminate.

  2. f_lawless

    Have to wonder is Putin behind all this somehow. Using his assets to undermine our democracy, push us toward a paranoid , totalitarian dystopia when we’re at our weakest – am I right Derek Mooney?

  3. John

    That traffic Jam on N11 is entirely due to the Garda checkpoint.
    The TFII traffic volume numbers for that section show that the volume of cars was actually 10% less yesterday than the previous Wednesday (also lockdown) and these numbers are less than a quarter of normal pre lockdown volumes.
    There was no big exodus to Wexford yesterday. This was normal lockdown volumes.

    This checkpoint I would guess was more to discourage anyone from trying to escape rather than catching people. Shame essential workers need to suffer to make this point!

    1. ReproBertie

      The filtering into one lane which ended in a checkpoint was a deliberate tactic to deter travel. The Gardaí said as much yesterday.

      1. John

        Except that there wasnt any increase in travel numbers on that road over the last two weeks of lockdown, in fact it has been steadily reducing.
        Essential workers still need to get home from work and reducing the through put of a motorway to 100 cars per hour (yes this is the actual throughput of the check point you can see it on the traffic data), is a bit of an F you to the essential workers.

  4. V

    As I’ve said about this lad before
    In the style of Oscar Wilde

    He has nothing to say
    And says it

  5. Ringsend Incinerator

    Go for it. Report them all. We should be used to it by now – no planning permisson, breaking waterpipe bans, voting the wrong way in a referendum, we already have a well-trained Stasi now with nothing to do….

  6. Ringsend Incinerator

    Report ALL joggers. A 10km is not a run (whatever about a mini-marathon).

    Any chubsters seen wearing “athleisure” branded gear also need to be busted by the fashion police. Especially that criminal GYM+COFFEE stuff.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I always feel a frame with little of its own structure benifits from some decent tailoring…I’m old fashioned like that

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