What Drew You To This Position?


An Garda Síochána-bound PSNI Chief Superintendent Paula Hilman (left) and PSNI Chief Inspector Steven McCauley,

This afternoon.

Via The Policing Authority:

The Policing Authority is pleased to announce that it has appointed Chief Superintendent Paula Hilman to the rank of Assistant Commissioner in the Garda Síochána, following her retirement from the PSNI at the end of this month….

…The Authority has also appointed Chief Inspector Steven McCauley, who is due to retire from the PSNI in the coming week, to the rank of Superintendent in the Garda Síochána.

Assistant Commissioner Hilman and Superintendent McCauley will take up their positions in the Garda Síochána in early May…

Is this a coup?

Two members of PSNI appointed to senior garda positions (RTÉ)

Pics: PSNI/Irish News

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14 thoughts on “What Drew You To This Position?

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Obviously no qualified personnel within our own force.
    John Bruton and Frank Feighan will be overjoyed that Proper Charlie and Varadkar have sworn allegiance to her majesty.

  2. Frank

    on one hand its great to see the old omerta based AGS being disassembled. on the other hand its not great that the disassembly is supposedly being done by the old omerta based RUC / PSNI / MI5.
    as if the guards couldn’t be any bigger cunce. somehow they’ve found a way. bravo

  3. Otis Blue

    Christ, this is like when Roy Keane was Sunderland Manager and signed a lot of dud Man Utd players. That ended well.

    Quiz time:

    Is Hilman the first MBE to serve in the AGS?

  4. Steph Pinker

    The press release is very badly written (some would call it subterfuge – not me though); word play is one thing, semantics is another, but it’s taken euphemism to another level entirely.

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