Plain Sailing


MV The Lady Patricia and MV Miranda Guinness were both scrapped in 1993

Old Dublin Town tweetz:

The Guinness ships “Miranda Guinness” & “The Lady Patricia” once berthed on Sir John Rogersons Quay [Dublin 2] They sailed between Dublin and Runcorn {Cheshire, England] via the Manchester Ship Canal…

MV Miranda?

MV Patricia?

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5 thoughts on “Plain Sailing

  1. edrof

    Crazy what the positioning of the camera does, second photo could be today. First photo looks donkeys

  2. SpecificGravity

    Used to love spotting these on Sunday trips around the docks and Pigeon House heading out to the bull wall for a stroll with my dad. Nice to see the unapologetic industrial design of the gasometer there. Remember there were plans to turn it into a huge pint of Guinness? Also, I recall several visits for lunch and lemonade to the MV Arran which was berthed across the river from the Guinness boats. Owned by Eamonn Andrews, I think.

  3. Matt Pilates

    Memories. Who remembers the smell of gas and them old coal cranes by what is now GC Dock?

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