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Niall Breslin is hosting a bi-daily podcast with Spotify will help listeners ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Wind Down

This morning/afternoon.

Songwriter and mental health activist, Niall Breslin has been revealed as the ‘voice of mindfulness’ on Spotify’s new podcast series ‘Wake Up/Wind Down’.

Ian Collins writes:

Available to stream now, the podcast will open and close a listener’s day as part of a Spotify curated playlist called Your Daily Wellness’,

Niall’s latest bi-daily podcast will help listeners ‘Wake Up’ and log into their day by clearing the head before taking part in the chaos of the modern world, while helping to ‘Wind Down’ in the evening by re-framing and settling the mind.

Playlist name: Your Daily Wellness
Podcast name: Wake Up / Wind Down
Hashtag: #wakeupwinddown

Niall Breslin


6 thoughts on “Living Your Best Lockdown

  1. ian-oh

    Qualifications to speak outside of anything other than his own experience with his mental health:


    But hey, he was on the telly, so there is that.

      1. ian-oh

        Because people need real solutions to their problems. He seems like a nice bloke but some relaxing tunes and buzzwords like mindfullness are not it.

        I appreciate the guy had his issues and best of luck to him and fair play to him – its not really him I have an issue with, its all these unqualified people popping up as ‘wellness’ or mindfulness coaches that I do take issue with.

  2. Liam

    You no Noting about Depression, self-harming, or suicide, just advertising yourself for free, and that the lowest of the low

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