A Dublin Love Story


Lesley & Brendan.

Still crazy after all these years.

Greg Byrne writes:

With all the time we have at home right now and all the grim news seemingly omnipresent in our lives, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to put the phone away and look back at some interviews I did with my Mam and Dad on-camera almost 2 years ago.

At the time, I simply shot the interviews, just so I’d have them. I never did anything with the footage. I never even watched it back, until now.

Upon reviewing the footage, (which was both fun and surprisingly emotional to do) it turns out they each said plenty and touched upon lots of different parts of their respective lives over the course of our chats.

That’s when I decided I’d like to make something out of it all. They both spoke so well on a variety of things. I could have made a film on a bunch of different topics but in the end, I went for what I thought would make me smile the most while working on it.

More specifically, I decided to make a film about them both as a couple, the love they have for one another and what family has come to mean to them after all these years. I thought that would be a nice message to focus on at a time when good vibes seem to be at somewhat of a premium.

In fairness.

7 thoughts on “A Dublin Love Story

  1. maccers

    That’s really cheered me up today, even as I am sitting here crying (with the loveliness of it). Thank you Greg.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    That was really lovely!

    As Lilly said, that she called her husband Dad, my mum did the same and so seeing this brought back memories. And his dad called his wife ‘your mother’, which is what my dad called my mother. Thank you for that, too!

    I do hope that your family are doing well these days, Greg, and thank you so much for this

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