‘Cahersiveen Karen’



Cahersiveen, County Kerry.

irate shopper asks for assistant to be quarantined following a cluster of Covid-19 cases at a nearby hotel housing Direct Provision residents..

Around 100 people were moved from centres in Dublin to the Skellig Star Hotel in March.

Direct provision residents and locals call for centre closure (RTÉ)


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51 thoughts on “‘Cahersiveen Karen’

  1. Shane Duffy

    What is DP to be replaced with, free gaffs? Would you ever go and ask me… Repatriate failed asylum seekers. Simple process.

    1. Dr.Fart

      I was going to point out to you why what you suggest is heartless, inhumane, and devoid of thought. But I doubt you’d take any of it onboard. So instead I’m just guna tell you a silly. I don’t think it’s a case where you don’t realise your lack of empathy, i think you wear your heartless silly badge with pride. Only conjuring up the noo noos to air your silly opinion on the internet. You wouldn’t say this to strangers in bars or whatever, because when it comes down to it I think you’ve the hallmarks of a coward. I think you’re a weak and sad person.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Dr. While I’d agree with your sentiments as regards asylum seekers that are genuine, the phrase ‘failed asylum seekers’ above puts another perspective on it. There are reasons why some asylum seekers fail in their applications. And that needs to be tackled.

      2. Cian

        Which part do you dismiss as “heartless, inhumane, and devoid of thought”.

        I’m assuming not the “free gaff”.
        Which leaves “Repatriate failed asylum seekers”. Hmmm… if we don’t do this then what is the point of having an asylum process? We might as well just immediately accept anyone that applies to asylum; give them the right to live here and work… and put them on the housing list.

        One of the previous posts is “devoid of thought”.

        1. scottser

          Cian, having an immigration system that doesn’t have a category called ‘economic migrants’ is completely devoid of thought, when it’s been clear for decades that the principal motivation to come here is for economic reasons. instead, everyone gets shunted into a system that asks them to prove they are at risk of harm in their own country. this makes it significantly harder to accommodate genuine cases who seek asylum here.
          direct provision, as a consequence of our immigration laws is indefensible. it’ll be the subject of a tribunal in the next 10 years i bet.

          1. Cian


            We do have an immigration system for ‘economic migrants’. Anyone can apply for a visa to work here. See http://www.inis.gov.ie/

            There are 100,000s of ‘economic migrants’ working legally in Ireland.

    2. Chris

      Repatriate knuckle dragging racist scum back under the rock they crawled out from under. Give their houses to asylum seekers.

  2. Finnster

    I think if they’re going to maintain this covie charade, there needs to be consistency. A nineteen year old – from Ballymun (easy pickings) is currently in custody, without bail for wandering the streets, and I hear no outcry.

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      This lad?

      “18-year-old Karl Byrne of Termon Court, Ballymun, is accused of laughing in a Garda’s face when he was asked the purpose of one of his journeys…..

      He’s also accused of being in possession of up to €5,000 worth of drugs and of having drugs for sale or supply.”

      1. Mart Cattle

        Must be great time to be a drug dealer in fairness
        All the scobies with excess free money and all the civil servants as well at home scratchin themselves

          1. Rob_G

            They didn’t – this claim was invented from whole-cloth by a Sinn Féin TD, and lapped up by their gullible supporters.

      2. Finnster

        No Bertie, definitely not that lad. I did say he was 19. I’m not sure that it’s okay to give his name here.

  3. Clampers Outside

    Ah here BS, not you too eh….

    Anyone using ‘Karen’ like this is a gobpoo >_<

    1. millie in quarantine

      As someone on twitter suggests, perhaps Áine instead.

      We’ve all known an Áine like that.

        1. millie in quarantine

          Why don’t you lay out your actual problem with the post then, instead of being offended by the use of a name.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Not offended, just think it’s hypocritical and cringey all the way up to 11 :)

          1. Verbatim

            Can I just jump in – you’re too woke Champers, I’ve absolutely no idea what the problem is, whoosh over my head

      1. scottser

        i tells ya now millie, that wan is a dearbhla. look at the big, judgemental dearbhla head on her.
        bloody dearbhlas.

          1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            Are you even allowed to play camogie or teach primary school if you’re not called Sinead?

  4. V-19

    I do find it a bit gobshithawkery that the lady
    whatever her name is
    actually steps closer to the customer she’s cribbing about as she goes on

    And I would give that Staff member a hug
    If I could

    Also, I think Broadsheet were damn right to post it up here
    It at least lets everyone see what Retail Staff are dealing with during the restrictions
    Some way to treat an Essential Worker that’s most likely on Minimum Wage

    So thanks Broadsheet

    1. V-19

      that she could have made either from a Distance
      Or when the customer she was cribbing about was done with her buisness and left the premises

  5. Mart Cattle

    Ah would you give over midderin Mary
    She wasn’t rude or obnoxious
    People are very nervous and on edge these days
    I didn’t see anything wrong with what she said but my new BFF here Pee Pee did!

  6. Harry Robertson

    So was Karen right now that everyone agrees the Dept of justice made a balls of this?

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