This Is Not Two Metres


This morning.

Shauna McDermott tweetz:

Four of these signs on Victoria Quay this morning, making social distancing on these narrow footpaths v difficult. Can they be removed, Dublin City Council…?

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17 thoughts on “This Is Not Two Metres

  1. Stephen

    How does this make social distancing hard?
    The path is narrow enough that if you meet someone you are going to be within 2m for a few seconds whether the sign is there or not, thats fine.

    The sign shouldn’t be on the ground but to imply it has some effect on social distancing is nonsense, I’d be more worried about potential impact on wheelchair users or those with prams.

    1. The Bad Ambassador


      “Oh no! There’s a person walking towards me and we are destined to meet at the narrowest point of the path. Whatever will I do? There’s simply no feasible alternative”

      I don’t know how these people dress themselves unaided in the morning.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Dublin City Council have re-instated full clamping now I believe. An essential service? or Keegan just being a rat again?

    1. Cian

      People should be allowed to parking illegally during lockdown? Obstruct entrances, disabled bays, etc.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Yeeessss Cian. And how exactly are these Clampers going to identify real essential workers such as Doctors, Nurses etc. vehicles?

        1. A Person

          Sorry we just moan, and moan, govt is crap, DCC and other authorities are crap, lets just moan. Sorry to the righteous community.

    2. me

      Rats are the people who park their cars on footpaths making it difficult for those with disabilities.

  3. Type0Negative

    Nothingburger. That footpath looks barely over a metre regardless, just stop and wait ahead of the sign, sure how many people do you expect to run into at those exact spots?

  4. nilbert

    I’ve cycled by there a couple of times every day for the last 15 years. I hardly ever seen anyone walking that stretch.
    Its a terrifying stretch of road for cyclists, especially those who have to cross over the middle lanes to turn right onto the bridge. Even after so many years my buttocks still clenches so much that I nearly swallow my saddle.

  5. Shea Carroll

    There are 2 more outside Kilmainham Gaol. Signs refer to increased or new tour bus charges dated 30/03. Really poor timing on behalf of the Corpo. Kilmainham signs have also slid down poles .Poor erection skills.

    1. jamesjoist

      Yes , them workers should be given a dose of Viagra to help with their erection skills

  6. Niamh

    I live by the canal and Problem Swan makes everything difficult for social distancing pedestrians down there.

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