Howth In A Broken World


This morning/afternoon.

Howth, County Dublin.

The Government has relaxed the 2km restriction zone allowing cocooning seniors out for a stroll of no longer than 5km.

They don’t know they were born.



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6 thoughts on “Howth In A Broken World

  1. millie in quarantine

    This warms my heart.

    My grandad – who is in his nineties now – would walk up Howth pier every day before the restrictions were put in place. I know he has sorely missed his daily walk and the social interaction that came with it.

    1. Hank

      Yep locking them down until August, as was suggested, would have been so detrimental to their mental health that I don’t think it would have been worth it. It must be very scary for them. Especially with tabloid headlines screaming crap like “NO END TO LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS UNTIL 2023 SAYS MEDICAL EXPERT”

  2. b

    great – so anyone who is home schooling and trying to put some structure in their kids day can’t take the kids out for a run about in the afternoon once ‘school is over’ ?

    give the old folks the mornings, they’re all up at the crack of dawn anyway

    1. george

      Kind of think most old people would prefer to go out in the morning rather than wait until lunchtime when they want to have their lunch.

      Lunchtime is also when people who are working at home, home schooling, and working in essential services are most likely to be using the park. Its a good idea but I don’t see the logic of the time slot.

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