New Gold Dream


Gold Radio station manager Mike Moloney

All the hits.

From classic jocks.

Barry Hartigan writes is an online radio station playing classic hits and featuring a line-up of some of the most experienced presenters from right across Ireland.

The DJs come from local and nation radio stations and include Mike Moloney (Moloney After Midnight on 2FM, RTE Gold & Radio Nova), Chris Barry (FM104 & 98FM), Electric Eddie (2FM & Q102), Liam Quigley (98FM, Q102, 2FM & Radio Nova), Mick Mulcahy (Cork’s 96FM & Red FM), Pat James (Radio Nova), Bob Conway (2FM, KFM & East Coast FM) and Dave Lyons (98FM, Classic Hits 4FM & DJ at Copper Face Jacks)….

Station Manager/jock Mike Moloney says:

 “When RTE announced that they were going to shut their entire digital service, including RTE Gold, I couldn’t believe it! Turns out I wasn’t the only one and out of that came the idea for Gold Radio.

As the technology was easily available to everyone, we decided it was timely to launch Ireland’s first fully manned, digital only, radio station.

It’s going to be a fun station, playing music everyone knows, staffed by DJs who the listeners will remember, and all of them got involved to play the music they love and have a good time. That attitude led to the station’s motto: ‘Gold Radio – Playing the Good Stuff’.

Nick Says: Play it again, Mike!

Gold Radio

6 thoughts on “New Gold Dream

  1. SpecificGravity

    Mike was a frequent companion through many a late night college cramming session. Amelia Golightly and her light skewering of a certain cohort of RTE female talent* was a guilty pleasure.

    Anyone recall when Capital Radio finally succumbed to regulations? I still have a set of tapes recording a mammoth tribute they did to Phil Lynnot over the course of several nights. Great station for up and coming acts as well.

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    There’s pretty much only one online only station worth the effort and that’s Radio Paradise streaming all the way from California. They stream up to FLAC (cd quality), and their music selection is second to none.

    Wish the lads well all the same.

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