No Right To Know


Former Fine Gael Taoiseach John Bruton with former Fianna Fail Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and former Fianna Fail Taoiseach Brian Cowenat a Brexit conference in Dublin in 2018

This morning.

Right to Know CLG and Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (Right To Know)




Good times.


5 thoughts on “No Right To Know

  1. Oral

    Tis grand Lads sure we’re the Irish ,nothing bad would become of those “moderate” loop holes, all in this together,great community/communism.

    Let’s talk about trump and Boris and how bruton,Bertie and Cowan are better,could be worse fallacy.
    Speaking of cages, an Irish man was stuck in a cage with a hungry cheetah,an Englishman stuck in a cage with a hungry polar bear and “yank” was stuck in a cage with a hungry lion, the Irish thought it was grand because the cheetah is only small and the English and yanks have it worse.

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