Acting Normal In Tubbercurry


Telly’s Normal People featuring Streedagh Strand, Tubbercurry, County Sligo; the area’s Fine Gael TD Frankie Feighan

Yesterday in the Dail.

The following Fine Gael TDs had this exchange:

Brendan Griffin: “Tourism Ireland has been very active online in promoting Ireland and imagery from Ireland. Very recently, that imagery included Sligo and some of the cinematography in “Normal People”, which was partly filmed there. They had to be selective with the cinematography as not everything is suitable for worldwide distribution from a tourism perspective. Sligo always looks fantastic on screen and Tourism Ireland has been working on that front so that when things start happening again, it will be able to get going as quickly as possible.”

Frankie Feighan: “With regard to “Normal People”, my father comes from Tubbercurry where much of it was filmed, and I like to think we are all normal people down there.”

YOU decide.

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8 thoughts on “Acting Normal In Tubbercurry

  1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    Ah Frankie, I like to think I’m an adonis with a sharp mind and robust finances but eventually reality kicks in.

  2. The Dude

    ‘They had to be selective with the cinematography as not everything is suitable for worldwide distribution’

    Replace the word ‘cinematography’ with the word ‘facts’ and this sums up FGs attitude to the electorate.

  3. Gabby

    They’re all Normal People in South Sligo. Some are teenager normal and others are adult normal. Normal adults don’t do the same telegenic hijinks as the teenagers.

  4. Truth in the News

    Extraordinary Politicians debating “Ordinary People”, of scenes featuring “Tubber”
    Its some what ironic that Frankie or is it Frank would not address the economic
    situation affecting this Town, the closure of the Manufacturing Plant Basta, the closure
    of 2 Government Offices, the Closing of the Head Office of Aurivo and even the
    transfer of part of the Aurivo Connacht Gold Butter processing to Mitchelstown
    in Cork, this TD would do well to read the Military Archive File for his Illustrious
    Grandfather the late Felix Feighan from Crossmaglen MSP 341 REF 441

  5. KwackerZ

    You might want to correct the caption.
    Streedagh is in North Sligo near Grange. Tubbercurry is inland in South Sligo. They are two different places

  6. Truth in the News

    Perhaps “and” in place of the comma would move on paper the locations 25 miles
    apart, it looks like that the inhabitants of Tubber will have wait till the next continental
    shift before they can go down to the sea…..however Frankie or is it Frank is working
    on it

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