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  1. The Dude

    Its almost 20 years since 16 Moore Street was scheduled by the authorities to be a 1916 museum.

    Today – 4 years on since the centenary of 1916 – it continues to be derelict and an eyesore.

    Is there a better metaphor for the Republic – wrecked from corruption within, and an eyesore to all?

    Matters transpiring over the last 24 hours are particularly concerning:

    – Bertie Ahern and others to get cash from the state without citizens being told of the amounts involved;
    – 30% of people coming through Dublin Airport without proper policing as to destination etc., while the vast majority of citizens have been doing the utmost to comply with the severe Covid restrictions;
    – And Johnny Ronan’s mug popping up laughing at us all on holiday- meanwhile the closure of Bewley’s is announced.

    Adding to the general air of catastrophic incompetence has been the repeated scenes of illegal gatherings outside the courts etc. where no arrests / sectioning occurred. Instead public access to the Phoenix Park was curtailed, at a time when access is particularly needed.

    Separately, the outright refusal by elected servants to consider an interim pay cut at a time of national crisis – as occurring in New Zealand and elsewhere – inspires little faith.

    Meanwhile ugly scenes have emerged from Clonmel, where there appears to be 3 garda beating the bejayzus out of a person already on the ground. Not seen any media coverage or explanation elsewhere.

    Its getting very reminiscent of 2008.

    Not at all acceptable.

    Beware the Risen People

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