18 thoughts on “And Breathe

  1. guns and drums and drums and guns harooo

    I was watching Working Moms yesterday and there was a scene where they all did LSD and one of them started riding a tree so yea

  2. Pee Pee

    Marquis de Sade had a short story, where he likened the smell of Horse Chestnut blossom to that of jizz. Anyone else notice that?

    1. scottser

      i would imagine that the smell of jizz followed the MdS around everywhere, so easy enough mistake to make on his part.

    2. SOQ

      Wrong side of the park- nature queens were always D15- Navan Road end- near that innocuous building which houses special tree- D15NP9Y

  3. bigx

    since you asked us to name that tree and did not ask what kind of tree it is I name it George.

    1. SOQ

      I would say Panti except during house arrest the tree has more freedom- probably around the same age mind.

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