Bourne This Way


Followings weeks of on air requests….

Matt Damon on ‘Fully Charged breakfast show’ on Spin1038.

Via Spin1038:

[hosts] Graham & Nathan did it! Here’s the WORLD EXCLUSIVE interview with Matt Damon from the safety of quarantine in Dalkey.

He talks his daughter getting COVID-19, how he ended up in Ireland, that SuperValu bag photo & lots more…

SPIN 1038 Exclusive: The Fully Charged Matt Damon Interview In Full (SPIN 1038)


G’wan the backroom staff!

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9 thoughts on “Bourne This Way

  1. Chimpy

    Nathan’s nasally, whiney voice does my head in. How in gods name did he get a job in broadcast radio?

    1. sidhe

      used to love listening to them, not sure how I’d feel about them now though

      enjoying David O’Doherty’s podcast very much as a kind of bottled chaos, especially the bits with his dad

  2. Harry Robertson

    Fair play to them and Matt Damon, he could’ve gone onto any station but chose what I would have thought is the least expected.

  3. V'ness

    C’mere Nelly
    (Neil off the Telly)

    what have you been doing all day if this pair manage to land Jason Bourne
    and I’m stuck looking at you and Kevin Higgins (not the poet Kevin Higgins)
    And Derek swanning around his fancy gaff in ‘Merica

  4. Manta Rae

    Turned it off as soon as second the Iish fella started speaking. Don’t know who he is but he sounded a total cringe.

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