Companion In Madness



James M Chimney writes:

Here’s Suggs, my constant covid companion. Been stuck working in the boxroom since early March, I swear the walls are closing in on me. Suggs’ skills with Photoshop leave a lot to be desired, but he brings a bit of light relief, our other cat Buster (featured here – scroll down), can’t be arsed with it all….

Your pet in lockdown to marked ‘My Pet In Lockdown’

16 thoughts on “Companion In Madness

  1. James M.Chimney

    There will be no living him with him now! Thanks for featuring him, herself will be chuffed, thanks also for bonus Buster piic!

    1. ReproBertie

      You know you can pin programmes to the taskbar which doesn’t actually mean they are open?

      1. Rob_G

        Yes. I don’t know what the utility would be of having 25 things pinned there; sure how would you find the one you wanted?

        1. sidhe

          not a fan of all that unadulterated chaos? you’re right, people with a messy desktop are animals

  2. V'ness

    That desk is immaculate
    No cups, bottles, cans or plates
    No tissues, lipbalm, nail varnish or sticky pads
    No paper clips, markers, envelopes, stamps and notepads
    No vitamins, hand-cream, three different type of headsets or magazines
    No purse, perfume, apple cores, or custard creams or toast corners
    No glasses, old phones, files, diary or stuff that holds just nothing but shy–

    I don’t believe you’re doing a bitta work there
    I’d say you’re on the settee all day
    Sucking cubbachups

    1. James M.Chimney

      All knocked onto the floor by himself Vanessa. My ankles are surrounded by his carnage. :-)

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      ah here, I can’t work until everything is lined up and shining, if it’s not tidied away it gets chucked is my moto. …makes me lots of fun to live with ;)

    1. James M.Chimney

      Bez Aerobics the rage in these parts, maracas and meth will see us through, sure it did Bez no harm.

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