Ready Phase One


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Minister for Health Simon Harris (top right) this evening

This afternoon.

More as we get it.

Phase One on easing of restrictions to begin on Monday (RTÉ)




42 thoughts on “Ready Phase One

      1. Finneagas

        I’m not to one who tried to lock-down a healthy population.

        There’s is a treatment for the virus. Denying that fact and scaring people away from their normal human activities and interactions is the real irresponsible and dangerous nonsense.

        Dr. Zenloko’s Successful Treatment of Covid Treated 350 patients, 0 deaths, 0 hospitalizations, 0 intubations, breathing restored in 3-4 hours 1 – Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg 1 pill 2x a day/5 days 2 – Azithromycin 500 mg 1 pill/day/5 days 3 – Zinc sulfate 220 mg 1 pill/day/5 days

        That’s real medicine for you. Total Cost about €20.

        Ask Leo next time your passing why this is not under trial in Ireland.

        1. Celticon

          And they’re all in on it. All the governments, all the media, all the medical experts. That’s bloody impressive.

        2. :-Joe

          I think you read that from a tabloid website from the US that looked to be more modern and sophisticated than the usual british rags or the typical ‘murican X-mart trash of “Elvis abducted me and took me into outer-space and back” etc.

          I remember a story like this bouncing around a few weeks ago…. It was reasonably convincing at first glance.. but with any little amount of skepticism and a pause and search for a further second look or any kind of deeper investigation for corhobberating proof showed it was another juicy piece of bunk…

          Maybe it’s a different fake story or a new claim, if you have a link to it then post it here..
          – If you don’t mind?..


        3. V'ness

          Ah now fairs fair their Finnebeginagain

          Where are the job announcements
          The over market value compulsory purchase orders for the pharma satellite plant
          The contributions for the locals – local party local authority local security form (◠‿◕)
          The sod turning
          The development and contractor gigs
          The ribbon cutting

          And above all else
          The tax reliefs

          And then the Directorships

          C’mon now
          There’s a process to this sorta thing that’s had a century of tradition
          So don’t you be messing with it

        4. :-Joe

          So, I tried to post this already but it got moderated / deleted.. I think?… It’s happened before a few times… I think there is a weekend moderator on here who does not appreciate the long-form of open uncensored discussion.. at least mine anyway?…
          – It’s just words and opinion etc… Also trying to be helpfull.. At least in this case..

          Delete, ignore the duplication if I’m wrong… thanks BS.

          Ok, I don’t click on gurgle links where possible… and gurgle services like docs and drive and gmail etc are all manipulating and stealing your data to rip you off and make all our lives worse off than facederp or microserf’s ever could…and they are trying hard too.

          So I did a search in – The trustworthy, open source, privacy and security.. human rights respecting and organic(as in natural or non-manipulated) search result giving search engine for the public good…

          Straight away it shows up on this site…

          If you are lokking something up antd you end up in snopes it’s at least controversial if any of it is true at all, so I’m already almost convinced it’s all based on some kind of nonsense…

          The other thing I know for sure is that every mention of any possible treatment with the use of “Hydroxychloroquine” or “chloroquine” has either been shown to be completely false, not based in any facts or science and the tiny few ideas that people take seriously are considered extremely dangerous at best because of so many negative potential side-effects from consuming it.

          So maybe taking it works but you’ll end up in the hospital soon after for something else or you could live less longer, die earlier etc..

          One thing to remember is that gurgle search, facederp etc is trying to find out what you want to read about and give you more of it as fast as possible,

          The system they have designed and allowed to evolve over time( as a result of all kinds of levels of testing, results and experience..) and that they are using on you through these online tools… is designed to be focused to get you fired up, passionate and it has no morality or conscience about you getting angry or even violent over any issue from the content it tailors for what it thinks will work on you.

          It only has one goal, keep you clicking and keep your attention so it can capture you and monetize your personal experience.

          As long as you keep clicking for more and they keep telling advertisers that you like X or Y or Z… because they know themselves they have been feeding you a personalised diet of whatever X, Y, Z is and over and over again…

          So, then they will keep selling your data while proving successful advertising results metrics to other businesses for all the profits at the end of the digital rainbow….

          Rinse and repeat and half the planet online gets polarised to extremes and goes mental in the process…

          Nobody cares enough because priority number one for our fake governments is that they all want to make more money.(Even though fiat money is about to crash hard.. -but that’s another story)

          Use for search
          You need to quit using gurgle, facederp and micro-serf’s software where possible..

          At least be aware of the reality if you have to use these digital tools of tyranny…

          Check out other sources of good information and digital tools that are good for everyone online.


        5. :-Joe

          WTF is going on??…
          I was trying to reply to your post with the link and was getting moderated / deleted and now your link is gone too..

          Here’s the short version….

          I don’t click on any gurgle links where possible or use any gurgle services… So, I searched with duckduckgo instead

          Anything mentioning chloroquine etc is bad news because at best, there are too many side effects that could kill people or put them in hospital straight after or reduce their life-span in other ways etc.

          Your story is not based in facts, proven true or backed up by any real science that it works.

          You need to stop using gurgle, facederp for information and news.

          Search the web with as a safe secure, open source, privacy and security, human rights respecting organic search engine… – basically gurgle is playing tricks on you when you search for things…

          Both gurgle, facederp and micro-serf’s and many more are giving you personalised and customised bad information and encouraging you to get angry because there is a lot of money in people paying more attention and clicking for more nonsense.

          Broadsheet is about the most reliable news source if you are confused and want an Irish outlet. At least the majority of stories are accurate and fact checked without a heavy biased agenda behind them.

          The rest of the media outlets in Ireland are a mix of factual and different biases for different groups and the online media is a complete minefield if you’re in any way naive about media and journalism. Just be skeptical and question everything you hear…

          – A good start if you want to stop your personal data being abused.

          – & Who is the moderator ???


          1. Cian

            While you may be correct in what you are saying here. I find that all the hilarious “gurgle, facederp and micro-serf” makes you sound terribly immature and detracts from your message.


          2. :-Joe

            @Cian or C-ian (When you put it in as your name)

            I change the names intentionally for multiple specific reasons..
            Try and guess the most important three or can you even guess at least just one?..


            – Delete your Gmail account and create a new free secure private email for every login that is not stealing your data and trying to control you and ultimately being a cancer to life for everyone on the planet in the process.

            Stop using gurgle, facederp & micro-serf tools of digital tyranny..


          3. Cian

            Ooh, let me guess:
            1. Because you are 12?
            2. Because you have no sense of humour?
            3. Because you’re 12 with a 12-year-old’s sense of humour?

          4. :-Joe

            Yes you are correct, correct and correct yet again for a third time. A hat-trick of excellent deduction, intellect and wit that I’ve never once seen in a single post before…

            Yes. I, at least sometimes, have the mind of a twelve year old and thus the sense of humour of a pre-teen to go with it… and even sometimes it’s true that I have no sense of humour at all.

            Bravo, sir.. I concede defeat to your towering scope of ability… A true giant of mind power among mere puny mortals…

            You are indeed something uniquely special that is rarely found and ever well known or understood. The artistic sense and use of humour that can only be described as a comedian’s comedian, almost unparalleled or could be bettered by another.

            Thank you for sharing such great insight and your ideas that I will cherish from this awe-inspiring interaction with you in the future.

            TLDR –

            :-J –

  1. GiggidyGoo

    There will be a distinct mistrust of safety on public transport for some time. Car sharing also. The result will be chaos in the cities especially as people commute by car with the driver only. The Greens will have a heart attack.

    1. bisted

      …it should never have been stopped…the meetings that were held before it was shutdown were exemplary…and televised!

    2. GiggidyGoo

      A lot of people will get a penchant for jodhpurs and identify as horse workers so.

      1. bisted

        …in the unlikely event that you managed to get through the gate you’d soon be spotted and ejected…the horsey fraternity may be big but it’s very tightly knit…

      2. Steph Pinker

        A ride and a rasher is all it takes to awake most jockeys in the mornin’ GG, anything else is superfluous.

    3. V'ness

      Now Cian
      You well know that there’s a very different set of rules standards and taxes
      For Bookies

      And their friends
      And raw materials

      And that’ll never change
      Not even in a Global Pandemic

  2. :-Joe

    Ok.. I’ll be the first…

    I can’t wait until this unelected middle-manager puppet for the establishment minority just disappears out of our sight’s and out of our mind’s.

    Even the inevitable rotation to the other half of F-f/g with me-hole”Joker”martin would be more honest at this stage… -Another f’ing joke of having “democratic leadership” situation…

    At least he has some kind of official mandate from the ballot box as much as I cringe at the thought and wince at the look at the behaviour by either of them…

    F-f/g are a giant collection of historical scam’s by sham’s…

    All their incompetance is intentional…

    Lazy, greedy trolling of the public at the highest level…

    Wake the f… up, people… 50% of you voters are brain-dead already.

    For the other 50%.. have a great weekend !
    -You’ll need the recharge and boost of energy for dealing with the other half of the country..


  3. Praetorian.

    I get so angry when i see or hear him…i absolutely dispise him…i’ve utter distain and contempt for him as an individual…he has spent his political career making people hate one another.
    I so Fuppin hate his very being…a spiteful human.

  4. Rob Gale

    whenever varadkars rubbery, wet trinity lips start moving to form (usually condescending) messages I hope that he may surprise me with something well thought out and constructive. But I’m let down every time. I hate what hi and his party have done to our country. And right off the back of FF obliterating it, they just came right in and made it worse. Even if we forgive them a few years with the mess they inherited, they still wasted an economic boom on people who didn’t need it, while fupping over the rest of us. Most of my adult life has had so much unneccesary struggle because of FF and FG. When it looked like it might be over, we get lumped with them again for another 5 years. Taking me into middle age. All my 20s and 30s were made difficult by these parties. I’m angry. It makes me angrier again then when i see people not just support them, but ridicule me for going against them. The only people who support them are people too ignorant to know what theyre dong to them, or selfish people who benefit from their soceity straining policies. I’ve only ever wanted to live in Ireland. I love to travel but only want to live here. But now that FF/FG are going to be in power for yet another 5, possibly more years, I think I should finally bite the bullett and leave. I’ve leaned into the wind for so so long,

    1. Cian

      Just out of curiosity – when you say “Most of my adult life has had so much unneccesary struggle because of FF and FG. ” what do you actually mean?

      The country that we live in, all its good bits as well as the bad bits are a result of 700 years of occupation and 100-odd years of self-rule. FF and FG have been the majority party in all those 100 years. While you are free to blame them for any (government-caused) deficiencies you see in Ireland – you should also thank them for the good stuff.

      1. Rob Gale

        like what good stuff? FF absolutely tanked the country, we can all agree on that. A straight up fact. That made for some extremely tough years. Then when we came out of that, FG wasted a boom. So never got to have a few good years then. Throughout that boom, i’ve been taxed heavily and it’s been impossible to get on the property ladder. And even if you do, you pay the most expensive mortgage rates in Europe. I have no idea how people have kids amidst all this.

        That’s just a few things, they’ve been responsible for many calamities and skullduggery. Of which I and many people around me have suffered because of. I’ve seen endless streams of family and friends having to leave these shores for a chance of a normal life abroad. Then you see Mary Coughlan telling the cameras that ‘sure young people want to go away to australia and have a bit of craic’ in response to being asked about huge emmigration numbers. I would be here all day listing the many things both parties have done to make life hard here. Hard when it hasnt been necessary. But you want me to thank them.

        1. Steph Pinker

          Well said, Rob Gale; this was the same Táiniste Coughlan who referred to Newton’s Theory of Evolution [as opposed to Darwin] in leaders questions one day before FF shoved Éire off a cliff and FG drowned her like a Medieval witch.

          I like your sincerity, passion and abject honesty – this country was ruined long before Covid-19 – the sad thing is, this is only the start of the real depression.

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