To The Bunker



Kirwan Street, Dublin 7.

Gavin Ward tweetz:

Got to see a Bike Bunker during my walk today, love the idea of these! Great to see this Dublin City Council Beta [an initiative to ‘trial and establish solutions to improve the liveability of the Capital’] project move to  Dublin City Council, hopefully they roll out quicker now…

Bike Bunkers

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16 thoughts on “To The Bunker

  1. Anvil

    Try parking your car on the pavement like that and see how long before the council zealots come down on you.
    Cyclists are a PITA.They’ve been pandered to for too long.If only they knew what a red traffic light looks like.
    Self-entitked morons.

    1. SB

      Pandered to in what way, exactly, compared to the billions spent on motorways etc? For example, €600m for a Galway ring road.

      1. AssPants

        Sounds like a sweet deal on the motorway in comparison to the value of excise duty and motor tax collected in the region.

        This road is paid for in multiples by the motorist.

        How much have cyclists contributed to the road network???

        1. scottser

          cyclists cycle to work. where they pay tax. which pays for roads and traffic lights and signs and all the other stuff you think that only road tax and vehicle excise pays for.

  2. V'ness

    That is the ugliest and most awkward looking yoke I’ve ever seen implanted into a footpath
    and a car space plus

    seriously hope they don’t catch on

    1. Rob_G

      It’s about as ugly and awkward (though takes up less space) than a single kangoo van. And in this small space, it will provide parking for (I guess) 10 or 12 bikes. There are still literally hundreds of thousands of places for you to park your car.

  3. Joe

    Wow it really took some thick gobsheen to manage to install a bike bunker so ineptly. It should not be blocking the path (blocking wheelchair’s, prams etc) it should be at the end of the parking bay not robbing car space. If its not relocated correctly a.s.a.p. I would perfectly understand and applaud civic minded citizens taking direct action on safety grounds alone!

    1. Rob_G

      The leg of the bike yoke lies outside the pole, so the pavement is as accessible as it was before (granted, it does look awkward). I imagine and engineer decided where it should be positioned.

  4. Anvil

    Yes, how did anyone store their bicycles before the bike bunker ?
    I’ll admit it I can’t stand these pavement terrorists who think normal road rules and courtesies don’t apply to them.Every time I see one sent sprawling when their reckless riding meets a yoke of heavy metal I always give the car driver my ‘phone number in case of any legal action.Never yet been called to court to give evidence but looking forward to the day I am.

  5. Ringsend Incinerator

    Looks like those Greggs vegan sausage roll wrappers have lost the run of themselves.

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