A Mask Will Automatically Appear In Front Of You


This evening.

All flights?


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9 thoughts on “A Mask Will Automatically Appear In Front Of You

  1. SOQ

    PR bullpoo- if you are sitting six inches from the two people beside you then a mask is useless.

  2. Boj

    Flip off Rynair. I thought the laws on refunds were mandatory…PAY UP BUTTERCUPS!!!
    Why is it that laws for the big boys always seem to go out the window whenever they are actually tested.
    GDPR, Banks, the big data lads, consumer protections..and without consequence as far as I can see. I do hate to use the same old comparison but sure all I’ll say is…tv licence is enforced to the full extent of the little person laws.

    The older I get, the more of a cheap charade the whole world looks to me, does anyone else experience this or am I losing it?

  3. Nick Adams

    Mandatory – but not compulsory if you show your Public Services Card………

  4. goldenbrown

    what about the mandatory 30 min pre-flight testing kits….imagine the rows at departures when ye test +ve!?!

    I might be inclined to take them seriously if that was in play

  5. Truth in the News

    No doubt O’Leary will start selling his version of approved face masks to intending

    1. Skeptik

      5 pounds/8 euro each, no change given
      Only available in eye-searing yellow with Ryanair logo in blue

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