Nazi Salute Guys


Heil no.

Irish football’s darkest hour colourised by Rob Cross.

Rob writes:

Ireland gives the Nazi salute in Weser Stadium, Bremen in 1939 in solidarity with the Germans. Former interned Republican and Irish captain on that day, Jimmy Dunne, is said to have shouted down the line: “Remember Aughrim, Remember 1916!”

Jimmy Dunne?

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18 thoughts on “Nazi Salute Guys

          1. Chummley

            my father always told me the day the Irish government gave Jews adresses to the German embassy WW2

    1. Chummley

      Can you blame him
      Maybe to publish this brings shame to this site

      In Austria if this was done half of broadsheet would be in a cell waiting prosecution
      Well done Bodger
      Just kitten yourself

      1. SOQ

        Trump may be many things but he is not a Nazi- his daughter, son in law AND all his political advisors are Orthodox Jews.

    1. Computer Contributor.

      I’d say Ireland’s darkest hour was O’Duffy, Fine Gael and the fascist Blueshirt movement.

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