8 thoughts on “Something Blue

  1. Pee Pee

    With all this mask wearing, and unable to shake hands, they’re gonna have to bring back slapping on the arse.

    1. TopHat from Monopoly

      Me and yer Ma were wearing masks since before you were born.*

      *I’ll be impressed if this friendly and jovial reply gets past the Mods.

    2. V'ness

      well I laughed

      and I suppose my days of clingers are long gone

      pity, but they weren’t the victim of any pandemic

    1. TopHat from Monopoly

      She died, 20+yrs ago.

      She was ahead of her time.
      You and your boyfriends made it an issue.

      She just wanted to be a dressmaker.
      She was inundated.
      She thought it was gonna be simply Communion Dresses or Wedding Dresses.
      So yeah…

      She died HAPPY.

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