‘Where Is The Compassion?’


This afternoon.




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11 thoughts on “‘Where Is The Compassion?’

  1. SOQ

    It is very easy to take swipes at the drained looking tea boy Harris and that he had no experience for the job but what this overreaction has reveled is who is really calling the shots- namely highly paid civil servants who never move- no matter who is elected.

    For that reason I want Mary Lou in the hot seat- I’d even run with Gemma.

    1. realPolithicks

      May 22, 2020 at 6:15 pm
      Rolled up sleeves = we mean business- medical cliche 101.

      You sir have deaths on your hands- sleep well.

      1. SOQ

        I stand by that statement too.

        They, collectively, have to take responsibility for this mess but also, as individuals.

        1. Steph Pinker

          SOQ, why would they separate themselves from the collective FG/ FF herd? It’s a cynical game of power, money and oppression at the expense of every single taxpayer in this country; for the past few years Brexit was the go-to excuse for future austerity measures, but now Covid-19 has actually happened, they’re still trying to save face and ruin what’s left of the economy, not to mention the various health considerations of people of all ages, but the CMO, so-called government et al., are clueless, ignorant and arrogant because it doesn’t affect them. We are living with, and we are going to be living with the repercussions of this for years – long after the current FG/ FF ministers/ TDs have collected their salaries, pensions and expenses.

          It’s utterly disgusting.

  2. Johnnythree

    FG = No compassion*
    *welfare cheats cheat us all etc.
    *Care homes etc

    Lower your expectations and you will be grand. The old are an inconvenience to FG.

  3. Joe cool

    last Monday week I spent 15 hours in naas A&E with what turned out to be a fractured tibia and fibula. 15 hours they were liaising with Tallaght orthopedics because the dont have an orthopedic department. 330am tuesday morning I was brought to Tallaght. The difference between the 2 is night and day. The moment I got to Tallaght was such a relief. Within 9 hours I was in surgery for pins and plates in my leg. The treatment I received in Tallaght could not have been better. Everyone, from surgeons to nurses, the treatment was 1st class. In naas I was so scared and alone and yes at 42 I cried because I was scared. The wonderful staff of Tallaght hospital knee this and did everything to alay my fears. They were amazing

  4. Orla

    Stories like this are the hardest to hear, elderly people dying alone with families looking through glass windows or out in the car park as a loved one takes their last breath, put into a closed coffin and off.

    Many of you wonder why leaders won’t admit to over reacting ,these kind of stories are the reason why.
    It’s criminal whats going on here, protecting the failings of the anointed “experts”.

    Selective empathy amongst the pro lockdown brigade, they are talking now about every life mattering in relation to covid 19, the same crowd indirectly support bombings in Iraq and the likes of Yemen that kill kids but that’s different, Obama was such a great president compared to trump,the comparison is warped.
    The dissonances of the hysterical’s know no bounds.

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