A Limerick A Day


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s aide Dominic Cummings, who is accused of flouting lockdown rules, at Downing Street yesterday

Now Dominic likes to explain
That he has a superior brain
And Johnson agrees
Which means that he sees
To not back him would just be insane

John Moynes


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15 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. SOQ

    Hard to believe him and the wife did not have someone in London to look after the child if they got sick. And then to be spotted thirty miles away from where he was supposed to be is taking the mick.

    Legal or not, it is ‘do as I say not as I do’ writ large.

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    He is such an arrogant so and so. Boris is not able to function without his Rasputin. I hope they are both gone in weeks.

  3. Fintan Frobisher

    ” If you are living with children. Keep following this advice to the best of your ability, however, we are aware that not all these measures will be possible. What we have seen so far is that children with coronavirus (COVID-19) appear to be less severely affected. It is nevertheless important to do your best to follow this guidance.”

    These are the guidelines which Cummings didn’t break. They allowed for his journey to Durham.
    The medical experts also support this.
    As for the trip to the woods there were no guidelines on exercise in place at the time.
    Also, the police did not contact his parents.In fact his father rang Durham Police to inform them that the PMs Chief of Staff was self-isolating at a property within their jurisdiction and security was discussed.
    Durham Police did not consider any law had been broken.
    This is why it is so admirable of Boris not to cave into the Twitter pitchfork wavers.

    1. SOQ

      Spin it all you want but the British lock-down is now over- even the police say so.

      Whether that results in an increased number of deaths or not remains to be seen.

      1. scottser

        one of the most abhorrent aspects of this particular pack of lies is that a 4 year old child is being used as a political fig-leaf. ‘that’s what any father would do’ is an insult to anyone who complied with lockdown rules; stayed away from loved ones and colleagues, did not attend funerals or hospital etc.

        1. Fintan Frobisher

          I know,isn’t it terrible that parents who are both suffering from a potentially fatal virus should even bother to think about their 4-year-old son at that time ?
          Shame on them.

          1. scottser

            ‘stay at home. save lives. protect the nhs’.
            it’s not hard to understand – his child would have been safer if he stayed at home. cummings risked his child’s safety and the safety of others by driving him to durham.
            your defence of this liar is myopic, hypocritical and crass.

  4. Sam

    So Cummins decided to stray
    Far from home while all others must stay
    Oh, he’s not a baddy!
    He’s just a good daddy!
    Said his boss, but this won’t go away.

    We can see that the public is bitter
    Even Civil Servants revolted on Twitter
    Cummings should stay inside
    to take refuge and hide
    So let’s hope his career’s in the … toilet.

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