And Everyone Looking So Well


This afternoon.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2



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14 thoughts on “And Everyone Looking So Well

      1. millie in handcuffs

        I didn’t know you were psychic, queenie. No chance of the euro millions numbers, while you’re at it? ;)

        1. SOQ

          I am predicting that it has already swept the globe- yes. In my crystal balls I cannot see if it will do a lap of honour but pretty sure most of our immune systems will tell it where to go.

          I’ll stare at my balls later and inform you if any change- I’ll even dm you a few pics? With himself obv- his is bigger than mine- but just slightly.

        2. SOQ

          Learn form the 0LD queens darling- absolutely no face masks- WE have been here before.

          Get yourself out in the wide world- a pregnant wonderful- an immunity which no knows no bounds- please don’t teach your child this nonsense about how to fear?

          1. millie in handcuffs

            Please don’t tell me how to parent my child. You have absolutely no idea what it entails or you wouldn’t make such a profoundly ignorant comment.

    1. Spud

      First day since lockdown I smelt the car fumes again while out for a walk.
      Was nice while it lasted.

  1. Vluffy

    And Everyone Looking So Well

    always makes me smile
    love the expression

    Its kinda like the way Brian Carthy says slán tamill after the sports
    Makes you feel at home

    no matter where you are

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