Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The aftermath of violent protests in response to the death of George Floyd during an arrest. A video surfaced showing a police officer kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck and pinning him to the ground for more than seven minutes. Mr Floyd died a short time later.

Minneapolis Park Police Release New Body Cam Footage Of Fatal Arrest (CBS)



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12 thoughts on “Aftermath

    1. goldenbrown

      well America is fast descending into one of the most troubled places on the planet….somewhere I’m gradually failing to recognise anymore:

      The White House won’t update its economic projections this summer

      so it seems the new way to manage the impact of Coronavirus is to just simply not talk about it

      (how long I wonder before that approach catches on here?)

      1. Johnny

        -its just a precedent like oh say presidents releasing their tax returns:)

        -no one really has good handle on what the aftereffects this are be-but it won’t be pretty.

        -we decided given the carnage in the restaurant industry to be opportunistic and can purchase top the line equipment for 30 cents on the dollar and have been inundated with chefs wanting work.

        -you have be nimble and able pivot,but many people are leaving NY for good.

        -car rental companies are filling bankruptcy daily.

        -one my fav pieces so far on the ‘economic shocks’ is your Airbnb landlord-yikes !


      2. Charlie

        America has always been of the most troubled places on the planet. It’s so incredibly phooked up on so many levels. Twill all end in tears. The sooner the rest of the planet learn to live without them the better.

  1. John Davis

    Amazing the protest of someone dying turns into mass criminal activity in the form of looting.

    1. ummmmmmm

      Funny how when the data available shows that non white Americans are more likely to suffer abuse, violence, and harassment at the hands of an increasingly militarised and unaccountable law enforcement, as well as disproportionately harsh treatment by a justice and penal system literally built on top of precedents designed to target the already poor and disenfranchised that maybe there would be a lingering sense of anger at the callous indifference of the system to their lives which SOMEHOW might bubble over into violence and a contempt for laws surrounding property.

      SO WILD. Hardly any correlation or causation to be found….

    2. realPolithicks

      Amazing the MURDER of someone BY A POLICE OFFICER turns into mass criminal activity in the form of looting.

      There you go, I fixed it for you.

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