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This morning.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

A citizen journalist livestream from the end of a second night of rioting following the death  of George Floyd during a police arrest.

More as we get it.

Over 500 National Guard soldiers arrive in the Minneapolis area as protests grow over George Floyd’s death (CNN)

Pic: Julio Cortez/The Associated Press





Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The aftermath of violent protests in response to the death of George Floyd during an arrest. A video surfaced showing a police officer kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck and pinning him to the ground for more than seven minutes. Mr Floyd died a short time later.

Minneapolis Park Police Release New Body Cam Footage Of Fatal Arrest (CBS)



The annual British Lawn Mower Racing Association 12 hour race.

Ride-on, or die. To wit:

As usual, the teams will line up in a traditional Le Mans grid formation with the drivers running to their machines at the start. The teams of three drivers (male and female) compete throughout the night at speeds approaching 50 mph — and without any form of suspension other than a padded seat…



John Buckley writes:

Bit of a random trailer park one for ye. My buddy Neil Brazil has a trailer out for a new “movie” called Sea2Summit. Based on the torturous adventure race in Westport last weekend. ‘This winter, get ready to race’. Bressie and Rob Heffernan did the race too….there’s no footage of them, so we think they’re still on Croagh Patrick. Will make a good sequel…


100m 100m2

A visceral take on the spirit of competition, where sprinters transform into their aggressive animal counterparts to survive and win.

Directed by Jérémy Delbos, Raphaëm El Khaddar, Camille, Marjoux, Laurent Maynard and Cécile Terrillon of the Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques de Toulouse