Bigger Than The ‘Kelly-Roche’ Boom


This morning.

Along the North Quay, Dublin.


In Dublin, Jimmy Stagg of Stagg Cycles in Lucan, has seen it all; from the Kelly-Roche boom to the recession and the cycling boom during that period. But he says the current surge in business is more hectic than anything he has ever witnessed.

Asked what it had been like, he said: “Absolutely unbelievable. I’m 45 years in the business and never, ever would I have dreamed anything ike this could happen in our industry.”

Ireland’s new cycling boom: “It’s like nothing I’ve seen in 40 years in business” (Sticky Bottle)





Last night.

Seapoint, County Dublin.

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11 thoughts on “Bigger Than The ‘Kelly-Roche’ Boom

  1. Pat O'Kelly

    Weather may be a factor but safety and access is the main driver I think
    (pun intended as you should “drive” your bike in town ie be assertive & cautious – but never agressive)
    It would be an absolute shame if car traffic regains the priority in the Phoenix Park for instance.
    My main disincentive not to cycle to town (in favour of the bus ;I rarely if ever drive to town) is the lack of secure parking. The only option is Drury St which is brilliant but more is needed

  2. goldenbrown

    King Kelly, horse or man!?
    – battering his way thru the cobbles and muck of Paris-Roubaix, regularly destroying the field on likes of Milan-San Remo
    – ranked world #1 for 5 years in a row

    Roche, Mr Style, 1987 Triple Crown winner (only other one ever to achieve this was Eddy Merckx)
    – Giro d’Italia despite being punched and spat at because he was going to beat the local favourite
    – TDF somehow hauling in Delgado up LaPlagne when all looked lost (+1m30s in 4km)
    – World Champion (great teamwork too, Kelly unselfishly managing the 3x Dutch riders for his teammate on the run in)

    very fond 80’s memories following them and shouting them on….in a time when we didn’t ask enough questions

      1. Ringsend Incinerator

        Pic 2. Is that Jason O’Toole?

        Kelly-Roche? How old are these people? It’s Sam Bennett now (admittedly part of An Post–Sean Kelly gig)

        1. goldenbrown

          Bennett could definitely win a major down the line I reckon, talented

          one thing I would add about Kelly and Roche (also Earley and the Kimmage’s albeit not reaching the same superstar heights perhaps) – they managed to succeed in a timeframe where the trip over to the likes of Belgium and France as young lads to start plotting their careers would seem akin to travelling somewhere like Japan to strike out nowadays….with additionally no mobile phones or internet permitted. a non-english speaking game dominated by Dutch, Belgians & French…a lonely enough place very far away from home for them

          1. Ringsend Incinerator

            Kimmage? Oh God. He was a domestique. But enough about his writing…

  3. diddy

    the price of a return busfare to go a 5k round trip has everything to do with it. €4.50….with a leap discount. ridiculous

  4. scottser

    i passed a lad today on a clunker of a bike who looked like he’d been cycling for miles back from work; heavy jacket, long pants and boots on. his head literally glowed with the sweat and sunburn. i mean this lad would have to stick his head in a bucket of calomine for the afternoon for any relief.
    poor cratur
    anyway, carry on.

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