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Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.


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This morning.

Along the North Quay, Dublin.


In Dublin, Jimmy Stagg of Stagg Cycles in Lucan, has seen it all; from the Kelly-Roche boom to the recession and the cycling boom during that period. But he says the current surge in business is more hectic than anything he has ever witnessed.

Asked what it had been like, he said: “Absolutely unbelievable. I’m 45 years in the business and never, ever would I have dreamed anything ike this could happen in our industry.”

Ireland’s new cycling boom: “It’s like nothing I’ve seen in 40 years in business” (Sticky Bottle)





Last night.

Seapoint, County Dublin.

Last night.

Free the lanes!

This morning.

Dublin (exact location unspecified).

Taxi driver TaxiMatt writes:

Now if only there was somewhere safe for this cyclist to cycle and no I’m not tarring you all with the same brush…



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They took the lane into their own hands.

You may recall the makeshift bollards temporarily sequestering the cycle lane on Ryders Row, Dublin 1?

‘ings writes:

A video has surfaced. It’s not too exciting or revealing but does show the issue of people cycling being forced out of the contra-flow cycle track into oncoming traffic due to vehicles parking in the cycletrack.

The planters/bollards worked and after they went in a number of drivers were noticed slowing down to pull in but drove on when they realised they couldn’t.

In fairness.

Free the lanes.

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