Quit Winin’


A 3rd century AD mosaic floor discovered beneath a vineyard at Negrar di Valpolicella near Verona, northern Italy.

The team discovered the tiles, as well as portions of the villa’s foundation, “a few meters” below the vineyard’s surface, according to the statement. To make the “archaeological treasure … hidden under our feet available and accessible,” the researchers will collaborate with authorities and the vineyard’s owners. The process will likely require both significant time and resources.

MORE: Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Unearthed Beneath Italian Vineyard (Smithsonian)


9 thoughts on “Quit Winin’

  1. bisted

    …bella bella…but don’t you mean 3rd century CE…I think they were still feeding the christians to the lions then…

    1. jamesjoist

      An old “poor us” myth propagated by church for centuries . The vast majority of peoples killed for entertainment were pagans .

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